Bocetos 3D Vision is to be the leader in the local market able to meet needs of architecture, engineering, construction, real estate, property owners and other areas, to be recognized for providing services that fully meet the expectations of its customers based on high standards of quality. Our organization aims to have a continuous and sustainable growth, while taking into account the impact of new technologies for the design and development of 2D and 3D design, promoting competitiveness in the environment in which it operates, highlighted by being a company that contributes positively to the society in which it operates and provides professional and personal development opportunities to your team.


about us

Bocetos 3D is a company dedicated to the realization of 2D drawings and 3-dimensional models, offering technical solutions to architects, engineers, contractors, realtors and homeowners.

our Vision

our mission

Wilfredo Indriago

B. Architect

SAIT Certificate in AutoCad

Bocetos 3D Mission, is to meet service requirements in 2D and 3D drawings for the field of architecture, engineering, construction, and property owners, in a timely and efficient way, our customers are provided with high quality, innovative and safe services.